I dunno if i’m alone in this, but i’m always missing out on records I actually own. Many’s the time i’ve gone to check a tune someone else is playing only to find out I have a copy, or i’ve gone for the flip of something i’ve been hammering and I realise it’s actually much better. I think it happens an awful lot with the ‘Album’ – if some producer who usually does twelves puts out a 5 disc album, I just can never get to know all the tracks on the album. There’s a balance to be struck between knowing the tunes well enough to mix them, and listening to as many tunes as possible to see if they’re worth getting to know. Sometimes tunes slip through the cracks. That’s ok – when you discover them, they’re like a present from the past.

Classic case in point last week. I found ‘Ping’ by Kode 9 on the Rephlex ‘Grime 2’ compilation. What the fuck! How did I miss out on this? It’s right up my dark little alley. Proper unsettling vibes provided by some haunted accordion and a reverse powertool sounding thing. Also INCREDIBLE in the mix. One of the most minimal techno sounding dubstep tunes out there. Kode 9 is pretty much the man. He runs one of the only absolute buy on sight labels – Hyperdub, and he’s just released an album of tunes with the anti-falsetto Spaceape. Buy it from one of the sites listed at Hyperdub. Kode 9 deserves your money.
Download Kode 9 – ‘Ping’