It’s funny the things which make you happy. Some guy I don’t know taking over a business in a country that I don’t live in any more = WOOHOO!!!!

Martin O’Neill is the new manager of Aston Villa and i’m still pinching myself. I lived in Birmingham as a kid. The only thing I brought with me was a love for the Villa which i’ve been unable to shake off despite years of mediocrity. True, Doug is still there, but all the signs point towards him finally relinquishing control. I’ll hold off on the champagne until he’s gone.

To help me celebrate, i’ve picked out an Art Blakey tune. He does balls out, straight ahead joyful jazz like no-one else i’ve heard. I have no idea what this tune is called, or what album it’s from – it was ripped from a CDr belonging to the Triple A. If you know, feel free to fill me in, i’d love to know. There’ll be more Art Blakey to come in the future, most likely from the crazy Orgy in Rhythm and African Beat albums.

Art Blakey Track

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